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I have worked as a nanny for over 16 years. After having my second child, I decided to open my childcare. At Auntie Lili's I try to provide one-on-one care and work with the individual needs of each child. Taking care of children is my passion. I have had extensive experience with children since 2006. I know how important it is for a child to be in a healthy, nurturing environment where he or she feels safe, loved, and accepted. At Auntie Lili's Child Care, we strive to provide quality child care for children from 03 months to 5 years old. Encouraging each child's abilities and skills throughout every stage of their development is part of my goals and desires for the children.


How I Can Help You

At Aunt Lili’s childcare, your child will benefit from a family-oriented and creating a positive environment that meets your children’s needs physically, emotionally, socially, cognitively, and intellectually. Whether playing indoors or outdoors most importantly your child will feel loved, accepted, and respected as if he or she is among family members. My curriculum is a mix of home play base and academic, your child will learn letters, numbers, alphabet, shapes, music and story-telling in 3 languages Portuguese, Spanish & English. In my program, your child will have loving, nurturing care. I work closely with each family to communicate well about your child’s needs and progress. For infants, this is much more than just childcare. Your baby will feel safe, secure, and happy in my program with a warm, caring and empathetic provider. Infants will use their senses as well. They will learn to communicate and be stimulated with the use of proper toys in various curriculum activities helping them grow and building a positive foundation in my childcare setting. Toddlers are energetic and a lot of excitement is a natural part of their growth and learning. I will help them develop friendships, manage their feelings, and provide toddlers with the ability to think and make their own choices with guidance as they develop physical and emotional skills.

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